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Marble : origins and characteristics

It is always good to know !

Greek and Romans civilizations were the first ones to bring up the marble to the rank of prestigious material. The Greeks sculptured it just like their Gods whereas Romans perfected the production techniques and created bathtubs, tables and vases. It was the beginning of the marble use as furnishing and decoration material.

The marble, from the Latin word *marmor*, is a metamorphic rock resulting from the processing of a limestone warmed by the magma. As for all the stones, millions of years are necessary for its formation. The purity of the marble depends of the diversity of the colors, which generally varies from white to black, to shades of green, red, in ribbed or cloudy aspects, in "marbling" (due to metallic oxides), even variegated.

The marble is certainly the most prestigious material used in the construction and the decoration since the beginning of the human era. It is the symbol of extreme refinement regarding decoration. It is enough to dive back into the history of the people to notice it: Acropolis, the Holy church Saint- Sophie (Constantinople), David de Michelangelo, the Palace of Versailles of Louis XIV, Taj Mahal in India, the marble is omnipresent in the heart of the most prestigious civilizations.

Often perceived as a expensive material and used particularly in the architecture and the sculpture the marble finds numerous applications in today housing environments, in particular in floor coverings, staircases, fireplaces. it is also often used as ornamental element in the bathroom, where it can be both worked in a modern style and a classic.

Where do we find the marble? In Greece, in Italy, in France, in Spain, and even in Asia.

The marble in products LivingRoc  Mosaic / "antique" finish on our outdoor wrought iron (marble mosaic) table tops. Plates are placed in a drum (antique finish / old-looking) to be then cut to realize mosaics on the tray. After the extraction, the stone undergoes various processings, which improve durably, its performances and its aesthetic qualities. The travertine belonging to the family of the marble you can also find it in our table bases : marble table, marble coffee table, marble console.

" I saw an angel in the marble and I only chiselled until he was free from it " Michelangelo