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Daily care of natural stone - advice and recommendations - Living'ROC UK

A sealed treatement?

Stone is a noble material that demand some precautions so that it outfit your products in time. A waterproof Impregnator is a product that protects and facilitate maintenance of the exposed surfaces of the stone, by preventing dirt from penetrating.

Maintenance tips

In the event of accident, wine stains or otherwise indoors, it is essential to act immediately. Use a neutral agent (black SOAP for example) or soapy water with a few drops of bleach, that it will rinse away carefully. In all cases avoid detergents, products for maintenance, and acids, which attack and destroy the natural protection of the stone.

How to protect natural stone?

Our natural stones are treated before leaving the factory to help resist staining it is a porous material so it needs to be treated at least twice a year in order to retain it’s resistance to spills. Particularly vulnerable areas of our products have already been treated with repellents. It is however advisable, especially for exposed parts of restoration stone and cleaning stones as often as possible with the products specificaly adapted. 

In event of stubborn stains?

Remove stubborn stains with strongly chlorinated hot water. Use water based stain remover for the removal of stains of an such as wine, coffee, organic nature,  cigarette, juices... Use alkaline degreaser for removal of dirt of an organic and greasy nature, spots, grease, pollution, smoke stains, lamp black, wax coating etc. 

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