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The Living'ROC UK concept

Our Concept 

The use of natural materials associated with the development of contemporary collection with smooth, clean lines are the basis of the LivingRoc concept products quality and aesthetics are our key priorities in an ongoing effort to service and entire customer satisfaction. The LivingRoc UK team shares its passion for natural stone designing, manufacturing and distributing furniture and interior design of the highest quality. Our concept is innovative. It is to offer a high- quality products at very competitive rates. All our products are made from real natural stone, they do not fear the ultraviolets. At Living'ROC UK, we do not have 'so-called imitation stone', 'to effect' marble, artificial stone, resin, or concrete, all our products are authentic and timeless! Our goal is simple: make better known the stone, make it ' to live' for the pleasure of its happy buyers. 

Look for uniqueness and authencity.

Living'ROC UK : the idea that objects inhabiting your life should be like you, unique This is why we offer you products that you won't find anywhere. We show this difference both in the choice of materials in the forms of products and finishes.

Overcome stereotypes!

Living'ROC UK invites you to rediscover the natural stone, forget conventional wisdom: too expensive, too massive, too classic. The word is to change and update the use of natural materials. Sleek predominate, the colors are in tune with the times and prices are great. The stone should not be synonymous with heaviness. With new processes of cutting it is possible to create light and functional tables. Times when a table will weight 800lbs (400kgs) is over. It is now time for square and light thin lines.

Propose environmently - friendly products

Our commitment to eco-friendly products is at the heart of our concerns. We offer furniture and objects that match the criteria of sustainable development as well as the artistic expectations current and contemporary.

Offer a range of quality

The Living'ROC UK range brings products to both design and other classics, but all have the common point to be a mix of contemporary forms. Some of our works are unique, made largely by hand with passion, while others involve a little further industrial capabilities. However, behind each of our products, there is always a story, ideas and above all great fun design and convey emotion.Without a doubt, our range is far from being exhaustiveand we will continue to build on it for your pleasure.

Control costs

Our team manages the stocks extremely carefully. We have chosen to offer a value for money unmatched on the Internet in the United Kingdom and therefore have a stock only on the products appreciated by our customers. Our interest is to select refined products and trends very attractive cost. The inventory management is supported by a highly efficient logistics: storage in own space and a mode of distribution optimized to satisfy all the needs of the individuals and professionals.

Propose an optimal price quality ratio

We sell our products on the Internet. This method of marketing allows us to significantly reduce our cost structure. And applying fair prices! The choice of the raw material (the block) to our warehouses in France and in the USA, passing by taking pictures of our products (our team) for the purposes of our catalogs, we control every aspect of our products development. In summary, little subcontracting therefore, and more involvement on the part of each of the collaborators for you bring the best value for money possible.

Offer a quality interface

Our Websites Galaxy , and were designed to give an approach both Visual, textual, and informative to cover the largest populations. Surfing as it is designed to be as pleasant as possible with a maximum of photos and videos so that you can make the best choice. As you will have that special product for a long time. We strive to give a maximum of information on each product: its origin, its manufacture, its maintenance. At the end it is for the client the sensation of having made a smart purchase.

And so what if we furnish differently?